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Especially the young ones.

24 Votes) Affected avocado leaves curl into each other even when soil moisture levels are adequate. When mites feed on avocado trees, the leaves change over to a brown color before dropping off. Webbed veins can show up on damaged leaves before they drop.

Nov 17, The leaf drop was most likely to be due to shock. Avocados just don't do well with any kind of change and any stress can cause them to drop their leaves.

I think you are right about the first location, the trees need a bit of protection from harsh sun so a little bit of shading is good. Nov 30, Eagle Lake FL If your avocado tree is losing leaves, the most common reasons are spider mites or root rot. Spider mites can be managed with miticide or natural predators, while root rot is best avoided through good cultural practices.

Oct 17, Avocado trees need a loose soil so regular soil is not recommended as it will be too heavy/thick. You may have to repot in a lighter soil. If you are using regular tap water you may have a salt buildup that will need to be removed. Allow any avocado leaves that fall off the tree to remain on the ground underneath the tree - they form a natural mulch that helps protect the roots and helps keeps the soil moist. 2- water stress, either too much or too little, can cause the fruit to drop.

Avocado trees require well-draining soil, so overwatering can cause root rot. Feb 01, My avocado tree, without my knowledge, was sunburned. All of the leaves turned brown and crunchy so I decided to pluck them off. I left a few that still seemed to be healthy and were green however most of them got knocked off in the wind when I was carrying it outside.

Now my avocado tree of only 6 months has three leaves remaining. The leaves start to curl before eventually turning brown and falling off.

I thought i'd comment on the avocado issue above.

Low humidity can kill plants very quickly so it is important to take action as soon as possible! Avocado plants like a humidity level of around 70 – 80 percent, but can tolerate levels down to 45%. Avocado trees originated in the south of Mexico, but the trees have been in cultivation for so long it is impossible to pinpoint their origins.

Avocado trees prefer warm weather, but hardy trees may grown in regions with winter temperatures as cool as 19 degrees F. Weather and pest problems may be why avocados start falling off the tree too soon.

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