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If you're worried about suckers spilling over into your lawn, you might try installing a.

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Rabbits, squirrels and other small animals may gnaw the bark off lilac trunks and branches, girdling the tree and increasing the risk of bacterial or fungal infection, especially in cold weather.

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The first step in removing a lilac is to cut down the exposed portions of the plant. Depending on the size and age of the shrub, a pair of sturdy pruning shears and a small limb saw can remove the above-ground vegetation, leaving small stumps near the surface of the soil.

Advertisement. Apr 27, Each lilac sucker has the potential to turn into a whole new plant, so you're right, it's wise to remove some of the suckers or you run the risk of taking vigor away from the parent plant. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of lilac suckers permanently (sans using toxic chemical means) is to fully separate them from the mother plant by digging them out. To remove a lilac, cut it down close to the ground, and paint the stump with a broad spectrum herbicide shortly after the cut is made.

You can also dig up the entire root ball if chemical solutions. Remove suckers by tearing, not cutting. You want to remove the sucker all the way back to the root where it originates, and tearing them off will help remove dormant buds at the base. Dig them up with a sharp spade, removing the root as well. These can be transplanted if you wish.

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